What is PilotDNS?

PilotDNS is an open source Domain Name Server Management System (DNSMS) utilising PHP, MySQL, nginx (or apache2), Bind9 and node.js.

PilotDNS exposes an extremely powerful, and very secure Restful API that allows for complete manipulation of the bind9 nameserver, with future plans for integrating with other third party DNS solutions including cloudflare.

A second component of PilotDNS is a fully customisable, user friendly node.js frontend user interface, which allows the Server Administrator, Reseller and Customer to login and make changes to their domain name zones.

Another future plan of PilotDNS is the implementation of a Dynamic DNS service, just like dyndns, of which the client will also be available open source so that it can be fully customised to your individual needs and services.

PilotDNS is truly a one-stop-shop for domain name service management.